Coconut Grater

Coconut Grater

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If you LOVE fresh coconut with a passion, this coconut grater is the best for removing coconut meat ever.  The unique shape of the heavy duty stainless steel blade, was designed specifically to remove coconut meat out of the shell with ease.  Shreds come out in elegant, long lengths excellent for cake decorating and baking. There are nearly no risks of cutting yourself with coconut grater, the sharp blades are all on the inner side of the curved loops.

If you never use to eat it because it was hard to get the precious meat, a task that was impossible to accomplish.  Now, the coconut grater eliminates the frustration that can be associated with removing coconut meat from it's shell and is easy to use.

There are 3 steps in opening a coconut:

  • First, make two holes to pour out the liquid. 
  • Second, crack through the middle to split it into 2 halves.     
  • And lastly, extract the meat from the shells. The third step is by far the hardest and this coconut grater tool is just the right thing for the job.

Finally, coconut grater is simple, elegant, well constructed/durable, can be used for other fruits and vegetables, and is certainly easy to clean and wash.

Fruit & Vegetable Tools Type: Coconut Grater
Certification: FDA
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Metal Type: Stainless Steel